Thursday, November 21, 2013

Hello World (again?)

Hello World...
Or should I say hello again ?. I gave up blogging a few years ago when I realized it was rapidly descending into a rant. About the (perceived or actual) unfairness of my circumstance or whatever was the worst in my life at that point. That is not what I wanted to inflict upon the world, meaningless though it may seem to others. That is not what I wanted to remembered (or in my own little dream 'known' for) my by peers or limited posterity that normal lives achieve/memes achieve. But I recently rediscovered my blog online (much to my surprise as I thought google had deleted my old blog in its entirety when I deleted by google buzz account) and read through some of the poems I had written and well.... they were not half bad. I used to like to write stories as a child and I used to make anyone whom I cared about read them or listen me read them :).

I return to writing basically because I am now older, have a little more experience and hopefully a wider horizon. I would like to write my or just a funnier version of my world because I enjoy it !!
I am now in a much more responsive state of mind to actually ponder about a non me centric universe which is an eminently sensible position to be in. Me centric works for only so far as survival in the wild,war or politics and I am thankfully not required currently to be in any one of these scenarios. Hopefully this blog would be my restorative cordial for my long dormant (but not dead ) muse who keeps whispering in my head but is being ignored due to the restraints of work,responsibilities or sometimes just plain laziness.

So Hello again world...

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