Wednesday, December 27, 2006

another haikuish poem...

Another haikuish poem. please be as generous about your comments to this as the first one. Both these poems are a reflection of what i am thinking right now. But interpretation as before is left to the reader....
I had asked for comments what the interpretations were.. i recieve only one like that.. the rest were all .. let us say appreciatve ??? ;)


Borders on sense
Fences by reason
Trapped inside
the mind regins

I yearn to see
the light behind the light
these shackles i wound

Let me be free
the form destroyed
my mind shattered
I dissolve....

Thursday, December 21, 2006

An attempt at a Haiku...

I am not sure of a what a Haiku should be... 3 lines or 4. All i know is that there should be 24 symbols i think..
This the first haiku i have written... it may not be very clear but i think that is what makes a good haiku.. one can interpret it as one wants but only one matches the authors. If you can understand this haiku please leave comments.. not for me to judge the correctness but for me to know how to write more clearly.
I wrote this haiku after doing a Bhava Spanda program offered by Isha yoga at coimbatore.. for those who want to know what that is.. please goto their site
I will give only one clue, it is at a big turning point in my life... :

The first step...

The long road streatches ahead
the ends lost in darkness
another intersects, exactly so
I stand, pondering my ignorance

Both lead to bliss
one long, the other long
one easy now, one easy later
I pause, questioning my will

Love relinquished for universality
Reason surrendered for bliss
Love pursued for emotional needs
Reason used for new feats

I am the guide
I am the wanderer
I no longer look back
I stop, smile and walk on...

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