Tuesday, March 31, 2009

running around in circles..

A circle.. a shape that Euclid loved the most, a shape that is sought and found by many spiritualists ( who want to rationalise the universe ) in amazingly diverse natural phenomena. The hardest shape that I ever had to draw ( and still do to my eternal disappointment ).. it has many distinct qualities in our minds.
What struck me was that it had a functional significance. A circle is something that many people embody. A circle to my naive and simple mind embodies three things :
1. repeating an action/act/pattern of behaviour however complex after a fixed duration of time
2. The centre of the circle ( read your 'self' ) is kept away from all and sundry with whatever distance you are comfortable with
3. also not being interested in things that are not within the radius of your circle and actively criticising those who are interested in them

Repetitive patterns is fine but when it is there in significant things like arguments/conversations and humor...
The first point is especially evident when arguing with people.
Have any of you ever read alice in wonderland ? or through the looking glass ? There are the most hilarious examples of circular arguments in those books. When they talk with the red queen or I think even in the conversation with the mock turtle. Well the reason this came to mind is because people tend to give circular arguments in their lives. This is especially true if one does not have a good counter point during an argument that one hears responses like : 'ya exactly !!' ( hello.. you agreeing to what i said ? isn't that against what you are saying ? ) or 'no no that is not true.. why ? no it is not... '( honestly.. what do you sat to things like this ) But both of these is fine.. this might be just buying time to think of a better point to speak. What really boils my bottom is that people have a long term circular argument system. today they are arguing with you about something... 2 weeks later you hear them arguing from your side of the same argument with someone else (occasionally with you as well ) !! This is crazy !! it is a long time ago since we all stopped expecting anyone else but ourselves ( and occasionally ourselves as well ) to be as rational as ourselves. But this is just too funny. I have no clue why this happens.. none at all.

The second one is something that that I have talked about earlier i guess so I will not repeat that. Though I admit the temptation to bash that behaviour is exceedingly hard to overcome every time I think about it.

The third one is my favourite. define one area of your existence/sentience/ whatever name you are ok with and let the world outside go to hell. I am not talking of narrow minded selfish let the earth be blasted kind of people here. I am talking about people like me and probably those who are reading this blog entry as well... everyone.
people in jobs want to do jobs to get money to live comfortably to do jobs more easily. people with families want to have good families so that their offspring can grow up and well.. have good families. people like me who write cynical posts so that they are appreciated by others so I can feel good to... write cynical posts.
Substitute the actions listed above with anything of your choice. it would still make perfect senes. I have nothing against either circles, they are all good and esteemed and really decent people trying to survive.That is ok But..
This is what is unfathomable to me : why is it that such thinking has a ring of inevitability to it ? I am sure I am not the only one who has thought of this, many must even have figured out the answer. One answer I have is convenience. It is easy to focus on something finite rather than irritating abstractions which will not directly affect our lives. Still just because it is easy I do not feel that it is right or the best way to be. Most of human effort I think is spent in 2 things. Avoiding thinking about this or pondering this and trying to figure out an answer. I am all for the latter. Because living in circles is boring... really.. however wide your circle will be the less frequently you'll be bored but you will be eventually. The question is always what next ? the day this question is permanantly answered for anyone he/she will be truly free.
The most amazing of human endavors is when the second option is selected. Trying and face your own true self, ask if you really want circles. If the answer is yes, imgaine there are no circles and how would life be like and ask again if you still want circles. If you cannot imagine life without circles what follows is not for you.
I don't mean or want that life should be purposeless, I am not even remotely qualified to answer such questions as to purpose of life. But I have something that does not rest easy with this mode of existence.. maybe that is just me.
Here I find that a lot stuff that sounds dangerous like religion/spirituality/philosophy does indeed try to address such questions. I am follower of " if you experience it for yourself then it is true" and I have experienced nothing in my rational mind/science/ education/upbringing that says that circles have to be an inevitable part of the world I live in..

If I was immortal.. I would outgrow all the circles soon and then would be faced with a really big what next... that would be interesting.. really..

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

NO mercy for pakistan... NO prayers for their dying innocents

I will begin this by first condemning the absolutely horrifying attack by jihadis on pakistani soil on the Sri Lankan cricket team. Attacking a sports team that has come for friendly international competetion. A thing so beautiful, attacking such an ideology is despicable. I want to make it clear that I HATE what happened in pakistan yesterday, yet today I read in the papers that pakistani cricketeers like Imran Khan are asking everyone to pray for pakistan. I think the bad joke begins here. people praying FOR pakistan ?? you must be joking Mr. Khan. Pakistan is not even deserving derision from the rest of the world.
There is miltancy in pakistain. There has been militancy in Pakistan for decades. The Indian government has been telling the world and pakistan in NO UNCERTAIN TERMS to curb the military infrastructure IN PAKISTAN. But all these claims have been denied/ignored by whoever was in the pakistani government from time immemorial. There have been reports of PAKISTAN BREEDING TERRORISTS by funding and running terror camps in either the PoK ( Pakistan occupied Kashmir) or elsewhere in their OWN country. The same terrorists are now all but ruling pakistan. The government is a joke. The economy was already a joke for the last 8 years. Pakistan runs just because of US support and that is also given because pakistan happens to have a common border with the enemy of the US.. afghanistan. That is ok.. the US is doing what it thinks is right to try and curb terror in the world. My problem is with the bloody bastards who are the pakistani government. These assholes deny the very existence of terror camps in pakistan, after the black hearted 26/11 attacks on my beloved country. The pakistani donkeys who are 'in power'(so to say) there denied that the terrorists were even from their country. Some went as far as to even say that INDIA is breeding terrorists that INDIA cannot control !!! This was the most hilarious thing I had ever heard in my life. My point is simple... India is a lot bigger and stronger than pakistan. India can take over pakistan by :
1. Buying it out. All the industries all the produce everything... in one day
2. Military operation to finish whatever pakistan stands for .... in one day
3. Stop/Poison the water that flows to pakistan's province of punjab... in one day
4. Outcomepete pakistan in all their economic deals with all countries ... a couple of months and lead them to eat each other's flesh to remain alive..
When such easy alternatives do exist why would we go through all the trouble and expense of training brainless idiots to kill some people in a country like pakistan that does not even matter to the world. If pakistan ceases to exist not even pakistanis will care..
They asked everyone to pray for pakistan now that there is a terror against their own state, by the same people whom THEY BRED to spread terror in OUR state. I have no proof but I am not going to need to provide one. India has been very very lenient with these bastards.. these fatherless sons of donkeys who are the pakistani government.. But now they still blame us India for the attacks on the lankan team ? We have no animosity with Sri Lanka. we never did.. We even helped them quell the LTTE rebellion around Rajiv Gandhi's time. Why would India attack its friend state at random ? Why the hell would we send 'terrorists' to attack a shit eating dog like pakistan. We can just take out all their government buildings from our country with missiles of our own design from our own armchairs with no one else's permission... Why would we who can make pakistan lick our bottom if we wished even consider it a worthy opponent to do all this nonsense ??
This is pakistan paying for its years of breeding hate against india. pakistan wanted to separate from india when india became independent.We indians were trying to convince them to stay with us and grow and prosper with us. They killed hundreds of hindus and sent trainloads of dead bodies back from pakistan to india. We did not do any such thing. I say india became independent because pakistan never became independent. It is still a slave to stupidity, narrow mindedness and outright violence against the world and humanity. Pakistan decalred war 3 times on india and LOST !! yet their textbooks say that india lost the war and thay us made pakistan give back india ?? Who the hell do they think they are ? People tell me not to get worked up over this, people are scared of being 'politically' correct. I don't give a damn for that. This is insane and this has to stop.
Pakistan has peed its pants.. now it wants to hold someone else responsible for the mess. I hope pakistani people do read this blog entry of mine. I want them to. I want them to know that there will be NO mercy for pakistan in my heart. They did not stop their country from going to the dogs like terrorists, they did not take steps to curb terrorism. I am not sure how many of them even understand what is going on their country. I am NOT against ANY religion, but i am against all fundamentalists. Pakistan bred terrorists and trained them with resources out of its own pocket. They realised just now that the ideology they have been feeding their pack dogs was not under their control. They should have just targeted india, now their servants have targeted the entire world and the world will not forgive. I am not a saint or a praying human. But this time I pray for all the victims of all the terror attacks in the world. I pray that they get justice. I know i am supposed to have compassion for human beings and for all living things. These terrorists and the governments who breed them are not living things. I know I will not be able to bring justice to any of them personally but I sure hope to do my bit in educating the rest of the world as to the need for extermination of these kind of people. You will ask what is the difference between me and them ? For this question I have this answer alone : If the enemy is filth, clean people cannot fight them because they are afraid of getting filthy.
Mercy does not exist for pakistan and never will. For all the innocents who die in pakistan because of their own ineptness to rule their country and live like human beings, I am sorry for their loss but they are not worth my mercy or prayer. Pakistan has to pay for its mistakes. I am believer in the law of karma and this is pakistan's karma coming back to bite it in the ass. I hope it does. I hope it bites hard and then maybe they will realise that breeding hate against people who never bore ill will towards you has grave consequences. I do not want to spread hate about anyone in the world, but I guess pakistan is not worthy of hate any more than a cockroach. It should be squashed exaclt as an insect is sqaushed.. without feeling, without remorse.

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