Tuesday, September 11, 2007

What to blog about ? and other deep questions...

i come back to my blog after a loooooong time.. i guess 3 months later. I had tried my hand at blogging i marathi using the transliteration button on blogger but it is a pain to get the algorithm to get the words right. so back to the stupidly incomplete english language with only 5 vowels...
The question is this.... what to blog about ?
I just did not know what to write and it would be extremely silly just to write everyday non-sense into a blog as if someone would actually be interested in it.
now after a hiatus the creative/arguementative/judicial/rationalising engines are running again so i guess now there is going to be some noise on this webspace.
what to blog about is a very difficult choice for me. I am not a net freak who likes to be online and read about anything and do just about anything. i mean i cannot blog what is on my breakfast plate everyday (that is a popular past time apparently) and some issues are just to personal, some issues are talked about so much that one person's opinion hardly matters.... Some things i just don't care to think of ( gossips columns and page 3 comes to mind )
Some issues are composed of just cynicism and would not make a good impression on the readers. Despite the name i still try to keep the posts intersting/intelligent/creative/insightful... (all this being subjective and subject to the reader only ), the bottom line being not the rubbish i see online. It turns out that there is not much to blog about if all these criteria are imposed. Makes one wonder about the inconsequentiality of all/most of the thoughts one has. Not a very good place to be, so the ego kicks in the creative juices and concepts/stories/theories are born. They are tested against the harsh demands of the blog and if passed are printed. the paucity of blogs maybe a reflection of creative ability but again if one has to stick to principles... :D
But i guess if allowed some of the things in the world around are worth talking about. Whether i protest them, whether i adore them, some of them do make a difference to my life and i will try to think about that a little more. It is very easy to become a machine fixed to a static routine and just ignore all that. What is hard is to accept all that and still try to get all that work done. One would ask ' why go the hard way then ?' anyway you would get your work done in time and do something worthwhile. I do not have an answer to that and have been trying to get one for the past 16 odd years. There is only one possible flaw which comes to my mind and that is.. suppose one has to break the routine to make a big adjustment in life, it won't be possible to incorporate this change by not giving it 100% attention . If anything else is attempted it would be foolish. I will explain this sometime later but i would like to see if someone else feels the same about their life. so comments expected on later posts..

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