Wednesday, May 16, 2007

net(lab)work blues..

finally !! configured my laptop to run the net in the university !! the net is crappy anyway... gmail banned and stuff like that.. but now at least i can surf in style and security as the laptop runs Linux. The university network is verily a breeding ground for worms and viruses and we as the department of zoology take pride in generating the worst of the lot. Of course none of them can touch a Linux OS, which is what i keep telling the 'learned' people here but well.. who listens to a person who does not fit in ? :)
there is usually a long queue for the use of the single PC that we have and share among 13 students. but now all that is behind me.. i am damned because i did not think about this earlier.. I guess everyone stagnates once in a while.. and in our department especially in the labs here.. people help each other stagnate in more and more creative ways everyday !! one wonders where does all this creativity go when it comes to experiments but that is a thing for many more and detailed blog entries. The only worry is.. that now the laptop should be able to access the net from home!!! i use ADSL there so no worries about configuring it.. now the trouble is switching from a configured state to another..but i guess that just setting it in FireFox should solve the issue.
There the first ever personal blog entry about mundane things in my life. I never thought i would get around to touch my blog again hence this is just to get me reacquainted with the blog. And to cover the fact that i am in the lab but not in the mood to do anything much. :D

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